Ruffled Lane


Michelle Schmidt

Happy New Year! I'm excited to announce that there will be monthly blog posts here in 2017! I will be writing articles on how-to's with our ribbon, editorial shoots, and new additions to the RL family among other things.

Today, I thought it would the perfect start to this blog to share the story of how Ruffled Lane got started (it's almost been a year!) This little company was a little random at first but quickly blossomed into something I love oh so much. 

Rewind to January 24th, 2016. Richmond, Virginia got 17" of snow and well, we were stuck indoors for about 4 days. For those of you who don't know, I own a wedding floral and event design and planning business called One Sweet Day in May. On this January day between hot chocolates and movies on the couch with my little family,  I was brainstorming ideas to take my bride's bouquets to the next level. I had ordered some chiffon fabric and dye a few weeks before for an editorial shoot I would be doing and I started playing around to see if I could create some ribbon for an April bride of mine. A few hours and quite a big mess later I LOVED what was happening. LOVED. I knew my brides were in for quite the treat. I kept playing around with different colors and fabric widths and thought maybe I was on to something more. 

After talking with a good photographer friend of mine who literally told me to "go big or go home" I decided to start a whole new business selling ribbon. Something I never thought I would be doing. My husband thought I was crazy (and I'm still certain my in-laws think I'm nuts too.) I scribbled some pretty words on a piece of paper and when the words Ruffled and Lane paired up, that was it. I had just named my little ribbon company. This was exciting. After a few weeks of experimenting with different fabrics and choosing the perfect 100% silk I was on a roll. 

Then came the hard part. Putting together a whole new website from scratch and deciding on 18 gorgeous colors to launch on April 1st. Slowly but surely it came together and now it doesn't seem so random. It feels as though this was meant to be. The perfect sister company to One Sweet Day in May. Here we are one year later and going strong. 

ruffled lane

Thank you to the friends that have supported me on this journey of pretty ribbon. Lots coming your way this year guys. Stay tuned!